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Hello lovelies!! ♥ my name is ALY, I'm 17 years young, a senior in high school, I live in California, and i love cheer!!!♥ My favorite teams are: Cali Coed, Cali Aces, Cali Lady Bullets, Cali Snipers, Cali Smoed, Cali Sparkle, aaaaand lets see if i forgot anyone..... oh yeah!!! CALI BLACK OPS!! ;) No, I am not a Cali Cheerleader (YET)


Obviously I LOVE cheerleading, but when I'm not at practice, I like playing soccer, showing sheep, playing video games, and RAVING!! My favorite color is ♥PINK♥ and i love the beach(:


I don't like annoying people haha And thats about it....
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